February / The Forest and The Farmer

by Liz & the Lost Boys

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February 03:28
It's so easy, it's much to easy, for me to lose myself in sympathy.So you show me all your blackened bruises, and I refuse to see they are just excuses. But I know you only tell me honest lies, and we just believe what need to get by. It's not like I'd have it any other way. Sometimes you go, sometimes you have to stay. But I tried. Don't look for reasons they will only rattle you and I can be patient while staying mad at you. The seasons come go and saddle us with guilt and now I can only see us for our filth. But I'm briny I'm boney I break at the edges I feel the pull of full fledged remorse. And you're shallow you're hollow you snap in the wind. Did you really think you could just begin again? It's not like I'd have it any other way. Sometimes you go, sometimes you have to stay. But I tried.
I need a place to call my own and I found one hear in these pine cones but I cannot make a proper start, afraid I lack the strength of heart. And though I found firm ground sprout roots and leaves, I find myself in the midst of trees. Still I squirm and turn and strain to see the sunlight that's such a mystery to me. This kind of digging calls for spite and so much spittle. How can you, you who claim to be calm and so gentle, pick me apart with your trowel and your rake and force me new form with a screw and a stake? I'll admit I was hungry for a safe harbor, admit that I sought out a fence and a farmer, was ready and willing to be rearranged. But I don't know if I like things this way. This kind of weeding calls for so much rag. How can you, you who know me my weakness and ways. Take me and make me a place for your blame, and keep me so small in a fence and a shade. Though along I would falter, would fall in the field, intertwined I will not take these ordeals. I wriggle, I worm my way upward and high, but I only find you and no sign of sky. So I tried to grow in strong straight lines. Just like you and those sturdy pines. But I'll be a clinging vine, I twist and bend, begin again. I tried to climb, I crawl I creep. But I think that we're rooted deep and I hate this shade but I need that strength, like I need your love though it's keeping me so weak.


released December 9, 2013

Liz Ciavolino, vocal, harp, piano (February)
Dane Galloway, guitar, piano (The Forest and the Farmer)
Will Wright, Bass
Eric Huefner, Drums

Recorded at Uniform Recording with Jeff Zeigler
Mastered at Full Circle Mastering with Mark Trewella




Liz & the Lost Boys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Liz & Lost Boys have been performing together since 2009. They currently live in Philly.

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